Teaching Love

Since 2008, I have been teaching a class at Stanford University entitled “Love as a Force for Social Justice.” Since I had been spending so many years focusing on women’s health and human rights and even writing a book about that (From Outrage to Courage), I found myself wanting to think less about such difficult issues and focus on the beauty of the world. One day I wondered to myself why we weren’t teaching about “love” at the university. Then, when I had an opportunity to teach a sophomore seminar, I suggested a course on “love,” and the idea was accepted.

In the essay “Exploring True Love”, I describe my thoughts about the issues of love (compassion and loving kindness) and some ideas about the courses that I teach. You can read it here.

The syllabus for my current courses are included on this website, along with some of the blog posts and comments that are emerging from my current class.


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